Wide eye media chooses unique digital for dcp production services

12·10·15 News

Wide Eye Media (WEM), Ireland’s leading Cinema Advertising Sales House, has announced the award of a new agreement with Unique Digital to act as primary provider of DCP production services ongoing.

Following an industry wide tender process instigated by Wide Eye Media, Unique Digital is to provide both DCP mastering services and Production process workflow management tools to the Dublin based Screen Advertising Contractor.

Unique Digital provides a full service FACT accredited DCP production facility from its Manchester offices – managing the production and distribution of both pre-show, featurette and feature productions across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. This new service, aligned to Wide Eye’s existing use of Unique Digital’s Advertising Accord Campaign Management software, provides an integrated solution across the business process.

“We are delighted to extend our working relationship with Unique Digital, we were looking for a supplier who could deliver on cost, service, quality and would integrate seamlessly with our scheduling and ad delivery system, the Unique Digital solution ticked all those requirements“ commented Eoin Wrixon, CEO of Wide Eye Media.

Mark Stephen, Director of Sales commented “We are delighted to have been successful with the WEM DCP Production tender. This new instruction comes on the back of the same team successfully completing the world’s first global DCP advert distribution for the UN’s Global Goals initiative; all the hard work the team has been putting in appears to be coming to fruition.”

He added “Being able to integrate the DCP Production operation into WEM’s Advertising Accord scheduling and delivery system provides the client an integrated workflow solution from initial source materials to the finished article on the big screen. Ultimately our aim is to provide the tools that simplify the Advertisers route to screen”.

The service starts immediately.


About Wide Eye Media

Wide Eye Media is a cinema advertising company based in Dublin representing cinemas in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Wide Eye Media’s advertising network includes 479 screens across 71 cinemas nationwide, working with cinema chains such as IMC, Omniplex, Odeon, Movies@, Gate, Cineworld and Vue. Wide Eye Media delivers interactive, high impact advertising campaigns to local, national and global advertisers.

For more information please contact: 01 960 2620

Further information at: www.wideeyemedia.com


About Unique Digital Ltd

Unique Digital Limited, based in Dublin and London, has developed a suite of leading software solutions for the management and delivery of digital cinema content, including a full featured Theatre Management System (RosettaBridge TMS), content delivery system (Movie Transit), advertising back office system (Advertising Accord), KDM delivery solution (Basekey), and VPF management software (Cinema Accord).

Unique Digital Software Limited, based in Manchester, is a subsidiary of Unique Digital Limited and handles mastering and distribution business in the UK and Ireland on behalf of Unique Digital Limited.

For more information please contact: Unique Digital Ltd +44 7961 187331 – marketing@mailudc.com

Further information at: www.uniquedigitalcinema.com

Unique Digital ❤ making software for the entertainment industry.


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