Smart Trailering is an innovative solution that centralises and automates trailer scheduling. Empower your film booking department to schedule trailers from head office, then automatically deliver and update the playlists on your TMS.

Software Solutions


Its smart because Smart Trailering removes all the common playlist building mistakes. Trailer version,  certification, duplication are all automatically managed by the software. Exhibition details of the trailers are loaded into the system by the distributors and content providers.

Smart Trailering is compatible with all TMS models that support pre-show API connectivity: Unique Digital’s RosettaBridge, AAM Screenwriter, Sony and Cinedigm TCC.

For studios and distributors Smart Trailering is offered via the Deluxe Technicolour Digital Cinema partnership. It provides a platform for uploading content, applying preferred exhibition data, and delivery via Movie Transit.

Unique Digital have taken nearly 20 years of experience in designing pre-show solutions to produce something truly original for the industry.

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