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  • Cinema Management from Anywhere

  • Completely Integrated

  • For chains and stand-alone cinemas

Cinema Management from Anywhere

RosettaPOS™ is cloud-based, giving you the power to manage your cinema from your laptop, mobile or tablet – anywhere you may be. For those cinemas who prefer a more in-house solution, the RosettaPOS self-hosted version provides all the same features, accessible from within the cinema network, or anywhere you can access it.


Complete Integration with Unique Digital’s Product suite
As you would expect from Unique Digital, RosettaPOS is fully integrated with the Unique Digital Product suite. Integration with RosettaBridge TMS™ ensures that content scheduled in RosettaPOS is available in the screens it should be. BaseKey™ integration means no more lost revenues due to missing keys. Integration with AdvertisingAccord™ ensures a fast turnaround on advertising revenues.

For chains and stand-alone cinemas

RosettaPOS™ provides all the tools that you need to manage everything from a stand-alone cinema to a multiple country cinema chain. Customisable centralised management of movies, tickets & products provides you with the right level of control for your cinema chain. Automatic integration with the RosettaPOS signage and web ticketing modules ensures that you are always have the latest information available to your customers.


Interesting in trying RosettaPOS?

If you’d like to try RosettaPOS in your cinema chain, please contact a member of our sales team today for a free no obligation trial.