RosettaNet is the first full Cinema Network Management System that allows programming, monitoring and support of an entire of digital cinema estate from a single point, allowing network wide show conformity and control, driving down local onsite operational costings.

Software Solutions


Imagine being able to monitor and control all your sites’ operations in one place – full booth function from TMS to screen across all your sites at your convenience.

RosettaNet connects directly to all RosettaBridge TMS within your network – not only replicating full site function and control from any secure online device but also providing a centralised network wide toolset.

Why create playlists at each site when a single central SPL can be created, sent and scheduled to all your sites with the click of a mouse. Conformity estate wide is now possible.

Need to know where your DCP content is at the touch of a button across the entire estate?  Centralised cleanup of pre-show content? RosettaNet provides the answers.

RosettaNet truly is an unrivalled suite of centralised operational and management tools, creating genuine time saving efficiencies across your estate.

RosettaNet unlocks the efficiencies you always thought the move to a digital platform would provide.