Our Theatre Management System has been shaped with and by our customers – we listen, we develop, we implement. The strength of our product set is that we work in partnership with our customers to develop solutions that genuinely support their business operations.

Software Solutions


RosettaBridge TMS provides any Exhibitor with an efficient central hub within their cinema, providing a single point of management to plan, create, implement and monitor showings across the entire site through an easy to use and feature rich online GUI.

Flexibility not compromise – RosettaBridge is not tied to one single cinema equipment manufacturer, it works and integrates with all, giving you freedom to design your booth hardware the way you want it.

RosettaBridge can be provided as software only, allowing you to repurpose existing hardware, or can be provided pre-installed on a range of server options provided by Unique Digital, making it flexible enough to meet your needs whilst working within your budget expectations.

Confidence in innovation – Our process of constant research and development ensures that RosettaBridge remains at the forefront of new technology adoption – if you upgrade your booth, RosettaBridge will be able to support both your new and legacy equipment.

Easy Migration – We make moving your operational site to RosettaBridge simple. With zero downtime you can have the best TMS on the market in your locations with minimal disruption to your operations.