Cielo puts the power of remote monitoring and pro-active issue resolution in your hands. With no added hardware required on-site, it’s easily deployable, scalable and requires no physical maintenance.

Software Solutions


Operators can monitor screens 24hrs a day and proactively address issues before they become show stoppers. You can set custom alert levels, track maintenance tasks, and determine accountability for alert resolution.

This feature-rich application offers you a circuit-wide view of all your screens from anywhere, on any internet connected device.

You can increase manager accountability with issue resolution auditing; showing you exactly where and when any maintenance is required.

Cielo empowers you in other ways, too. Played content reporting makes collaboration with advertisers and studios simple. Cielo also offers business intelligence that analyses ad to trailer ratio, lost shows, resolution times and more.

Streamline your support operations and maximise your cinema experience with the power of Cielo.

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