BaseKey™ is a solution for automated KDM delivery and maintaining a real-time TDL of your estate. With BaseKey™ installed KDMs are delivered directly to the screen without the need to manually transfer via USB or file transfer.

Software Solutions


Would you like to stop worrying about KDM deliveries?
By installing this simple software you can create huge time saving efficiencies allowing cinema staff to focus on important customer facing tasks.




Care free KDM handling

BaseKey™ constantly monitors the equipment certificates. KDMs are emailed to the BaseKey™ server by content providers, the software processes and then delivers the KDMs automatically to the relevant screen server. Users can log in and view the precise location of their KDMs through a simple browser interface.

10,000 screens connected

Today BaseKey™ is delivering KDMs daily to nearly 10,000 screens around the world. And counting.