Advertising Accord is our market leading campaign management and content distribution solution for Cinema Advertising Companies. From costed advertising proposals, scheduling and delivery management through to reconciliation of playback logs. Advertising Accord makes Cinema Advertising deliverable, auditable and more profitable.

Software Solutions


The solution is currently running pre-show advertising in UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Spain.

Advertising Accord combines the ability to sell, schedule and financially control all elements of the Cinema Advertising companies advertising activity. It provides the Exhibitor automatically delivered playlists that are transferred to the DCI compliant feature show, removing the need for Exhibitor to manually build the advertising pre-show.


Shaped by more than 15 years experience and capturing all market innovations and lessons learned from multiple territory implementation. Advertising Accord is the only answer to all of your commercial needs in a rapidly developing and deeply competitive market – it gives your product the edge in sales and the experience of delivery.

Advertising Accord allows the Cinema Advertising company the flexibility to schedule automatically to a single showing level – allowing specific advertising targeting – finally allowing cinema to fit in with cross platform media planning.

Just a few features:

  • Web based GUI – available via any online browser.
  • Ability to schedule to any show duration – weekly, daily, individual.
  • Show type target flexibility – mainstream, children, art, alternate or other showing type.
  • Multiple copy support to individual campaigns – delivering your media buyer’s plan
  • DCP asset production management
  • DCP asset distribution and management tool.
  • Supports multiple pre-show content block (Ad Block) provision.
  • Featuring fixed position in reel, last in reel, top ‘n’ tail support.
  • Integration to multiple data feeds – allowing assimilation of numerous and multiple data sources automatically – Admissions, – Movie Schedule etc.
  • On Screen Reporting – As Run log capture and assimilation.
  • Supplied as Software as a Service (SaaS) model