For the Cinema Advertising Company we offer you sales, distribution management and delivery services for cinema advertising. With Advertising Accord managing your business you have the most advanced and complete screen advertising solution available.

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Software Solutions for Screen Advertising Contractors


Advertising Accord is our market leading campaign management and content distribution solution for Cinema Advertising Companies. From costed advertising proposals, scheduling and delivery management through to reconciliation of playback logs. Advertising Accord makes Cinema Advertising deliverable, auditable and more profitable.

Screen Advertising Software



Ad Transit works in combination with Advertising Accord and provides the technology piece in the Cinema, automating the advertising pack playlist insertion. Ad Transit is integrated with all brands of Theatre Management System which support a pre-show API such as AAM, Sony and Cinedigm, as well as Unique’s own RosettaBridge TMS.

Screen Advertising Software


IO provides the Exhibitors and Cinema Advertising Companies with a new level of DCP asset quality control. Unencrypted content can be successfully reviewed online for quality of video, audio, naming, construction and other key variables.

Screen Advertising Software™